Selected Collectors:

Jen Daniels, Brooklyn, NY, Untitled A, 1997_09_09-Untitled_A-Ink-14x11, July 2012, Gimme! Charity Auction, NYC
Molly Catchen, Washington, DC, Untitled B, 1997_09_10-Untitled_B-Ink-14x11, March 2012, Charity Auction, Brooklyn NY
Helen "Olenka" Rojowsky, Brooklyn, NY, Untitled 19970823, 1997_08_23-Untitled-Ink-14x11, March 2012, 107 Roebling Street, NYC
Aja Tahari Marsh, Brooklyn, NY, Untitled D, 1997_08_12-D-Ink-14x11, March 2012, Gimme!
Alethea McElroy, Brooklyn NY, Untitled 028(2)6 No4, 1997_12_03-02826_No4-Ink-14x11, March 2012, Gimme! Roebling St. Brookly NYC
Marianne Shaver, Brooklyn, NY, Untitled 87938(2) No3, 1997_11_26-879382_No3-Ink-14x11, March 2012, Gimme!
Leonora Bittleston, Boston, MA, Untitled 1997912|Untitled 19970824 Muse, 1997_09_12-Untitled-Ink-14x11|1997_08_24-Untitled_Muse-Ink-14x11, February 2012, Gimme! Charity
Raymund Riparip, Brooklyn, New York, Thank You Susy Gomez 3, 1997_09_02-Thank_You_Susy_Gomez_3-Ink-14x11, March 2012, Charity Exhibition sponsored by Gimme!
Michael Brown, NYC, Untitled 19970816, 1997_08_16-Untitled-Ink-14x11, 2012, Gimme! Coffee Charity Auction of Ink Paintings by Misha Bittleston
Michele Haines, Brooklyn, New York, Untitled 19970817, 1997_08_17-Untitled-Ink-14x11, February 2012, Exhibition at Gimme!
Marc DeSmet, Brooklyn, NY, Palmeira Progression 2, 1997_09_20-Disease_Series_No2-Ink-14x11, March 2012, Gimme! Coffee Charity Auction of Ink Paintings by Misha Bittleston
Kathleen Winther, Brooklyn, NY, Untitled/Palmeira 5, 1997_09_22-Disease_Series_No5-Ink-14x11, March 2012, Gimme! Charity Exhibition
Linda Daniels, Brooklyn, New York, Untitled/Palmeira 8, 1997_10_02-Disease_Series_No8-Ink-14x11, March 2012, Piece 17 from Gimme! Charity Auction
Zoey Thorson, Brooklyn, New York, Untitled/Thank You Susy Gomez 2, 1997_09_02-Thank_You_Susy_Gomez_2-Ink-14x11, Feb. 2012, Charity Auction of Ink Paintings by Misha Bittleston, Gimme! Coffee, Roebling St., Brooklyn, New York
Maria Smargiannakis and Christos Alexandrou, Astoria, New York, Untitled/Rising (reversible), 2005-02-05-Rising, March 2012, Gimme! Charity Auction of Ink Drawings
Allan Henderson, Redwood City, CA
Astrid Heinonen, San Francisco, CA
Bernadette Wolff, New Jersey, USA, 2004-01-01, Ramada NYE 1, Limited edition 1/1 signed pigment print., 2004-01-01-Ramada_NYE_1-Ink_on_Paper-17x12, November/December 2004, Direct from Artist acquistion
C.J. Tomaino, Woodinville, WA, Reveries, Reveries-1992-Egg_Tempera-6x4_1-2-CJ_Tomaino, 1993, Richard Sumner Gallery
Cindy Whithead, Palo Alto, CA
Dan Skinner, London, England, UK
Deborah Hamilton, Santa Monica, CA
Elizabeth Sevison, San Diego, CA
Elliott & Susan Bloom, Palo Alto, CA, Venus, Venus-1992-Watercolor_and_Gouache-Elliott_and_Susan_Bloom
Emmett Caldwell, Woodside, CA, Flowers Eating Flowers
Heather Otrando, Brooklyn, New York, 2003 11 19, Untitled STKG IV, Limited edition 1/1 signed pigment print, 2003-11-19-Untitled_STKG_IV-Ink_on_Paper-13_1-2x10, December 2004, 0
Jan-Willem Pieterse, Netherlands, Innenraum 5, Innenraum5_1993_Ink_and_Wash, 0, Bryant Gallery
Jesse & Jennifer McCree, Los Altos, CA
Karen & Andrew Hill, Portola Valley, CA
Lala Harrison, San Francisco, CA, Womb of the Stars, Womb_of_the_Stars-1991-Watercolor_and_Gouache-Private_Collection-Lala, 0, Borrone
Lisa Bryant, Citrus Heights, CA, Caprice Arabesque, Caprice_Arabesque-1991-Watercolor_and_Gouache-Private_Collection-Lisa_Bryant
Marcie Rose, San Francisco, CA, Angel and Serpent|Desire|Maybe  Yes!  Now, Angel_and_Serpent-1991-Watercolor_and_Gouache-11x7-Private_Collection-Marcie_Rose|Desire-1991-Watercolor_and_Gouache-6_3-4x5-Private_Collection-Marcie_Rose|Dream_Collaboration_21-Maybe__Yes%21__Now-Marcie-Ink_on_Synthetic_Paper-20x26
Marguerite Saegesser, Switzerland
Mark Deem, Mountain View, CA, Untitled, 2005, mahogany and iris print., 0, December 2005, WORKS San Jose, 2005 Auction and Exhibition
Martine & Reza Zadno, California, USA, Sacred Garden, Sacred_Garden-1992-Watercolor_and_Gouache-Martine_and_Reza_Zadno
Maureen Christine & Marisa La Dou, Menlo Park, CA
Megan Alley, California, US
Monique Juard, San Francisco, CA, Midnight, Midnight-1991-Ink_and_Watercolor-Private_Collection-Monique_Juard
Daniel Bittleston, Santa Cruz, CA, 166 Untitled|Parisian Lady, 166_Untitled-1995-Oil_on_Canvas-Private_Collection_D_Bittleston|Dream_Collaboration_17-Parisian_Lady-Daniel_Bittleston-Ink_on_Synthetic_Paper-20x26
Nancy L. Thompson & Steve E. Loeffler, San Jose, CA
Pablo Arraya, Brooklyn, New York, Untitled|Falling, Untitled-1992-Egg_Tempera-10x12-Anon|2005-01-28-Falling, 2012, 0
Peter Stember, Woodside, CA, Eve|Innenraum 7, Eve-1992-Watercolor_and_Gouache-8x6_1-4-Private_Collection-Peter_Stember|Innenraum7_1993_Ink_and_Wash
Rainbow & Kelli Rosenbloom, Aptos, CA, Crystal Cave|Rhiannon|08 20 to 21 1997 A, Crystal_Cave-1990-Pencil_Watercolor_and_Gouache-Private_Collection_R_Rosenbloom|Rhiannon-1991-Watercolor_and_Gouache-Private_Collection-R_Rosenbloom|08-20to21-1997_A-1997-Ink_and_Watercolor
Richard & Annie Bernstein, Honolulu, HI, Walking Man, 140untitled95_1995_Monotype
Ron Meiners, Boulder Creek, CA, Heart of the Mountain, Heart_of_the_Mountain-1991-92-Watercolor_and_Gouache-9_1-2x5_3-4-Private_Collection-R_Meiners
Summer Lee Kern, Los Angeles, CA, Eden, 1995-Eden-MAB_95_94_MT-Monotype
Tamara & Paul Carignan, Palo Alto, CA, Mantic Eyes Bleeding Light, Mantic_Eyes_Bleeding_Light-1992-7x5_1-2-Tamara_and_Paul_Carignan
Tatyana Belayvskaya and Yevel Belyavsky, Sunnyvale, CA
Tom & Beth Lorey, Oakland, CA
Vic Frailing, Chesapeake, VA, Untitled C, 2004-04-24 - Limited edition 1/1 signed pigment print. JAC image ID MB6, 2004-04-24-Untitled_C, August 2004, Jaffe Arts Center, Wall to Wall exhibition.
Wendy Bloom, Palo Alto, CA, Agelic Discourse|93 Untitled, Agelic_Discourse-1991-Watercolor-9_1-2x5_3-4-Private_Collection-W_Bloom|/museum/gallery/Oil_Paintings/93_Untitled-1995-Oil_on_Canvas-Private_Collection_W_Bloom
Elzbieta Galanty, NYC, Untitled 09 09, 1997_07_06-09_09-Ink-14x11, February 28, 2012, New York
Edith Smith and Leland Smith, Palo Alto, CA, Red Sphinx, Red_Sphinx-RE_MAB_93-Watercolor_and_Gouache-Private_Collection_Edith_and_Leland_Smith