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About Misha Bittleston aka Eight Two (they/them)

 Meet visual artist Misha Bittleston 

Eight Two performace

Eight Two music


Associated Press Article

Installation in Ithaca, New York

Installation in San Jose, CA

Mural in San Francisco

Printmaking at Trillium Press


Ink painting residency

Selected Collectors:

Jen Daniels, Brooklyn, NY, Untitled A, 1997_09_09-Untitled_A-Ink-14x11, July 2012, Gimme! Charity Auction, NYC
Molly Catchen, Washington, DC, Untitled B, 1997_09_10-Untitled_B-Ink-14x11, March 2012, Charity Auction, Brooklyn NY
Helen "Olenka" Rojowsky, Brooklyn, NY, Untitled 19970823, 1997_08_23-Untitled-Ink-14x11, March 2012, 107 Roebling Street, NYC
Aja Tahari Marsh, Brooklyn, NY, Untitled D, 1997_08_12-D-Ink-14x11, March 2012, Gimme!
Alethea McElroy, Brooklyn NY, Untitled 028(2)6 No4, 1997_12_03-02826_No4-Ink-14x11, March 2012, Gimme! Roebling St. Brookly NYC
Marianne Shaver, Brooklyn, NY, Untitled 87938(2) No3, 1997_11_26-879382_No3-Ink-14x11, March 2012, Gimme!
Leonora Bittleston, Boston, MA, Untitled 1997912|Untitled 19970824 Muse, 1997_09_12-Untitled-Ink-14x11|1997_08_24-Untitled_Muse-Ink-14x11, February 2012, Gimme! Charity
Raymund Riparip, Brooklyn, New York, Thank You Susy Gomez 3, 1997_09_02-Thank_You_Susy_Gomez_3-Ink-14x11, March 2012, Charity Exhibition sponsored by Gimme!
Michael Brown, NYC, Untitled 19970816, 1997_08_16-Untitled-Ink-14x11, 2012, Gimme! Coffee Charity Auction of Ink Paintings by Misha Bittleston
Michele Haines, Brooklyn, New York, Untitled 19970817, 1997_08_17-Untitled-Ink-14x11, February 2012, Exhibition at Gimme!
Marc DeSmet, Brooklyn, NY, Palmeira Progression 2, 1997_09_20-Disease_Series_No2-Ink-14x11, March 2012, Gimme! Coffee Charity Auction of Ink Paintings by Misha Bittleston
Kathleen Winther, Brooklyn, NY, Untitled/Palmeira 5, 1997_09_22-Disease_Series_No5-Ink-14x11, March 2012, Gimme! Charity Exhibition
Linda Daniels, Brooklyn, New York, Untitled/Palmeira 8, 1997_10_02-Disease_Series_No8-Ink-14x11, March 2012, Piece 17 from Gimme! Charity Auction
Zoey Thorson, Brooklyn, New York, Untitled/Thank You Susy Gomez 2, 1997_09_02-Thank_You_Susy_Gomez_2-Ink-14x11, Feb. 2012, Charity Auction of Ink Paintings by Misha Bittleston, Gimme! Coffee, Roebling St., Brooklyn, New York
Maria Smargiannakis and Christos Alexandrou, Astoria, New York, Untitled/Rising (reversible), 2005-02-05-Rising, March 2012, Gimme! Charity Auction of Ink Drawings
Allan Henderson, Redwood City, CA
Astrid Heinonen, San Francisco, CA
Bernadette Wolff, New Jersey, USA, 2004-01-01, Ramada NYE 1, Limited edition 1/1 signed pigment print., 2004-01-01-Ramada_NYE_1-Ink_on_Paper-17x12, November/December 2004, Direct from Artist acquistion
C.J. Tomaino, Woodinville, WA, Reveries, Reveries-1992-Egg_Tempera-6x4_1-2-CJ_Tomaino, 1993, Richard Sumner Gallery
Cindy Whithead, Palo Alto, CA
Dan Skinner, London, England, UK
Deborah Hamilton, Santa Monica, CA
Elizabeth Sevison, San Diego, CA
Elliott & Susan Bloom, Palo Alto, CA, Venus, Venus-1992-Watercolor_and_Gouache-Elliott_and_Susan_Bloom
Emmett Caldwell, Woodside, CA, Flowers Eating Flowers
Heather Otrando, Brooklyn, New York, 2003 11 19, Untitled STKG IV, Limited edition 1/1 signed pigment print, 2003-11-19-Untitled_STKG_IV-Ink_on_Paper-13_1-2x10, December 2004, 0
Jan-Willem Pieterse, Netherlands, Innenraum 5, Innenraum5_1993_Ink_and_Wash, 0, Bryant Gallery
Jesse & Jennifer McCree, Los Altos, CA
Karen & Andrew Hill, Portola Valley, CA
Lala Harrison, San Francisco, CA, Womb of the Stars, Womb_of_the_Stars-1991-Watercolor_and_Gouache-Private_Collection-Lala, 0, Borrone
Lisa Bryant, Citrus Heights, CA, Caprice Arabesque, Caprice_Arabesque-1991-Watercolor_and_Gouache-Private_Collection-Lisa_Bryant
Marcie Rose, San Francisco, CA, Angel and Serpent|Desire|Maybe  Yes!  Now, Angel_and_Serpent-1991-Watercolor_and_Gouache-11x7-Private_Collection-Marcie_Rose|Desire-1991-Watercolor_and_Gouache-6_3-4x5-Private_Collection-Marcie_Rose|Dream_Collaboration_21-Maybe__Yes%21__Now-Marcie-Ink_on_Synthetic_Paper-20x26
Marguerite Saegesser, Switzerland
Mark Deem, Mountain View, CA, Untitled, 2005, mahogany and iris print., 0, December 2005, WORKS San Jose, 2005 Auction and Exhibition
Martine & Reza Zadno, California, USA, Sacred Garden, Sacred_Garden-1992-Watercolor_and_Gouache-Martine_and_Reza_Zadno
Maureen Christine & Marisa La Dou, Menlo Park, CA
Megan Alley, California, US
Monique Juard, San Francisco, CA, Midnight, Midnight-1991-Ink_and_Watercolor-Private_Collection-Monique_Juard
Daniel Bittleston, Santa Cruz, CA, 166 Untitled|Parisian Lady, 166_Untitled-1995-Oil_on_Canvas-Private_Collection_D_Bittleston|Dream_Collaboration_17-Parisian_Lady-Daniel_Bittleston-Ink_on_Synthetic_Paper-20x26
Nancy L. Thompson & Steve E. Loeffler, San Jose, CA
Pablo Arraya, Brooklyn, New York, Untitled|Falling, Untitled-1992-Egg_Tempera-10x12-Anon|2005-01-28-Falling, 2012, 0
Peter Stember, Woodside, CA, Eve|Innenraum 7, Eve-1992-Watercolor_and_Gouache-8x6_1-4-Private_Collection-Peter_Stember|Innenraum7_1993_Ink_and_Wash
Rainbow & Kelli Rosenbloom, Aptos, CA, Crystal Cave|Rhiannon|08 20 to 21 1997 A, Crystal_Cave-1990-Pencil_Watercolor_and_Gouache-Private_Collection_R_Rosenbloom|Rhiannon-1991-Watercolor_and_Gouache-Private_Collection-R_Rosenbloom|08-20to21-1997_A-1997-Ink_and_Watercolor
Richard & Annie Bernstein, Honolulu, HI, Walking Man, 140untitled95_1995_Monotype
Ron Meiners, Boulder Creek, CA, Heart of the Mountain, Heart_of_the_Mountain-1991-92-Watercolor_and_Gouache-9_1-2x5_3-4-Private_Collection-R_Meiners
Summer Lee Kern, Los Angeles, CA, Eden, 1995-Eden-MAB_95_94_MT-Monotype
Tamara & Paul Carignan, Palo Alto, CA, Mantic Eyes Bleeding Light, Mantic_Eyes_Bleeding_Light-1992-7x5_1-2-Tamara_and_Paul_Carignan
Tatyana Belayvskaya and Yevel Belyavsky, Sunnyvale, CA
Tom & Beth Lorey, Oakland, CA
Vic Frailing, Chesapeake, VA, Untitled C, 2004-04-24 - Limited edition 1/1 signed pigment print. JAC image ID MB6, 2004-04-24-Untitled_C, August 2004, Jaffe Arts Center, Wall to Wall exhibition.
Wendy Bloom, Palo Alto, CA, Agelic Discourse|93 Untitled, Agelic_Discourse-1991-Watercolor-9_1-2x5_3-4-Private_Collection-W_Bloom|/museum/gallery/Oil_Paintings/93_Untitled-1995-Oil_on_Canvas-Private_Collection_W_Bloom
Elzbieta Galanty, NYC, Untitled 09 09, 1997_07_06-09_09-Ink-14x11, February 28, 2012, New York
Edith Smith and Leland Smith, Palo Alto, CA, Red Sphinx, Red_Sphinx-RE_MAB_93-Watercolor_and_Gouache-Private_Collection_Edith_and_Leland_Smith

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